O’Neal Team Reverse Auction – 6334 Windermere Park Lane, Sugar Land, Texas

Auction Video – Audra O’Neal

How to Get Started
  1. Reserve seat on the website at Bid4Real (6334 Windermere Park Lane – Reverse Auction ).
  2. Purchase bids and have them ready in your account for the auction.
  3. The cost of the seats are $1000 – we must selling 750 seats.
  4. If we do not sell 750 seats, the auction will terminate and each person will receive their seat money ($1000) back in full.
  5. Once all seats are sold, you will be notified of auction start time and day.
  6. You cannot reserve a seat once the auction begins
  7. The auction will be approximately 2.5-3 Hours long.
Once the Reverse Auction Begins
  1. The starting price of the auction is $225,000.
  2. For every bid the auction….the price will GO DOWN by $25 EACH TIME.
  3. Once the price is down to $25, there can only be one more bidder.
  4. The very last person who hits BID with at zero dollars is the WINNER.

Come join us at the our event on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 in Sugar Land.  Time and Place to be determined.

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